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#4: Identical triplet, nine. Wanted to build obstacle course in the living room, was told no. He and Byron wanted to play volleyball, but Adam didn't (they didn't end up playing). Sat between Adam and Byron when they played telephone, and between Byron and Vanessa when they ate supper. He had two tuna sandwiches.

#5: Still nine. Takes piano lessons. Mrs. Katz is his piano instructor, and she picks him up for lessons. Is one of the Pikes to give the Bizzer Sign, not one of them that cries over it. Sees Buddy get in the car with his dad, but thinks he's going to a lesson, too. Mrs. Pike leave him a note on the front door when she goes to the Barrett's so he knows where to go when he gets back from his lesson. Mrs. Pike calls him "honey." Asks what's going on, and responds saying that Buddy isn't lost because he's at his lesson. Is questioned by the police, but can't tell all of the information they want him to know. He didn't think it was a big deal because he thought Buddy was supposed to get in the car. Gets frustrated, and a tear rolls down his cheek -- but he quickly wipes it away. Mr. Pike puts an arm on his shoulder protectively, and asks if there are any more questions. Police back off.

#8: Ten years old. Answers the door when Mary Anne and Stacey come over to go to Sea City with the Pikes. Rode in Mrs. Pike's car to Sea City with Mary Anne, Vanessa, Byron, and Adam. Held up a sign that said "Barfmobile" and pointed to Mr. Pike's car. Made face at Nicky when he held up a sign that said "Vomit Comet" as a way of retorting. First thing he wanted to do when they got to Sea City was go to the arcade. Is amused that Claire still calls Burger Garden 'Gurber Garden'. Yelled "beach" as soon as he was done eating breakfast on the second day of the Sea City trip. Went in waist-high water once he got in the ocean to jump waves. He and Adam splashed Byron because Byron wouldn't go in the water with them. Went in the haunted house with Adam. Told Nicky he couldn't sit with them because triplets sit together -- and no one else can join. Brought Mary Anne an ice pack for her sunburn. He and Mallory got a sunburn at Sea City. Begs Mr. Pike not to make them go to Smithtown. Let Margo pick up her golf ball and carry it to the other side to make it easy on her. He and Adam were in the water nonstop. Didn't have a problem with Byron only going into water almost up to his knees. Built an entire village of sand castles. Complained that he wanted to play another game of Shark before they left Sea City.

#9: Plays Wandering Frog People. Went swimming at Joey's house, and invited Jeff to come along. Ate fried bologna for lunch. Teased Nicky along with Adam and Byron. Got in trobule.

#11: Had chicken pox. Had a headache and wanted aspirin.

#13: Invented SA's (Secret Agents). Is Head Spy. Made Adam and Byron his Top Agents. Keeps records of who's gotten which badges in a notebook. Badges are in the following order: Pink, white, yellow, orange, red, purple, green, blue, brown, black. Had Claudia and Mallory help him keep track. Gave Claire a white badge for ringing the neighbor's doorbell and running off. Hid in an elm tree. Made the game as way of spying on the new neighbors. Mallory can't play because she's too old.

#14: Has a unique bond with Adam and Byron that Mal admires. She calls them built-in-friends. Adam tells him he looks like a nerd after they get a haircut. He tells Adam to look in a mirror.

#15: Talked to Jeff on the phone. Is on an after-school sports team. Taught Margo how to play 'Chopsticks' on the piano. Told Margo and Claire to practice walking like gorrillas. Snickered in the audience when Margo was on stage peeling a banana with her feet.

#16: Is good at faking sneezes. Used to get a kick out of thinking about traveling meatballs. Made a sign for banana brain. Declared Buddy's ball "safe," and then the argument stopped.

#17: Suggested opening the doors and windows so the bird could fly out.

#19: Offered to make chocolate sundaes for everyone, along with Adam and Byron. Turned out to be sundaes with chocolate-covered tennis balls. He, Byron, and Adam let Mallory "rent" a fake rat, sneezing powder, and a rubber slug for one dollar and fifty cents. Plays soccer. Practiced soccer moves. Has a fake spider that looks real.

#20: Tried to do acrobatics outside with Adam and Byron. Played baseball: triplets VS Margo, Claire, Nicky, and Matt. Is the best pitcher out of the triplets. Is on Little League. Says Claire's batting average is zero. Let Margo walk to first base. Said "good game" to everyone after the game, and even remembered to sign it to Matt. Called Nicky "little bro." Went to the Krushers game dressed in his Little League uniform.

#21: Sat in the very back of the station wagon when the Pikes went to Washington Mall. Went off to look with Adam and Byron. Watched a movie in the rec room. Speaks Pig Latin with Adam and Byron. Triplets dress differently. Likes to tease Nicky. Switches places with Adam and Byron at school when there's a substitute.

#22: Got Frodo.

#23: Ate raviolis and coleslaw. Refused to decode a huge stack of papers that his sisers had written on in invisible ink. Said he didn't want to and that it was stupid. Came inside and grabbed a cookie before lunch. Played Frisbee in the backyard with Adam and Byron. Let Nicky chase after it when it got out of the yard.

#26: Along with Adam and Byron, he taped a target to the back of Claire's shirt and spent all day throwing things at her.

#27: Played badminton against Derek Masters. Doesn't like Derek. Is on the cover of the book and hair looks more red than brown, eeek. Stupid ghostwriters.

#29: Broke open the chest using a crowbar. Was disappointed when it was just clothes in there.

#30: Went to the wedding as a guest of Jeff's. Pointed and laughed at a naked angel.

#31: Got viral pneumonia along with Adam and Byron. Asked Claud for more Kleenex.

#32: Was introduced to the Hobart boys. Pikes used to be called the Spiders because there are eight of them, and spiders have eight legs.

#34: Is on the cover wearing blue and yellow swimming trunks. Is slightly taller than Adam and Byron, but not enough so that it's very noticeable. Annoys Vanessa on the ride there by always thinking of rhymes before she can. Makes fun of Nicky's shirt. Ate a bacon sandwich. Went snorkeling. Told Nicky to go to town with the girls because he couldn't hang out with him, Adam, and Byron.

#35: Ate cold Spaghetti O's. Nicky said he wanted some, so he told Nicky they were made out of worms. He and Adam took turns tapping Nicky on the shoulder to see what he'd do. Played the Scarecrow in "The Wizard of Oz." Used a flannel shirt and faded jeans for his costume.

#36: Reads Hardy Boys. Looks up information on frogs because he doesn't believe what Adam tells him. Tapes the pockets inside of the books when the Pikes make the lending library with Margo. Suggests making a sign about the library to put in the front yard.

#38: Tells Claire she can't be a giraffe for Halloween because her neck isn't long enough. Makes haunted house in the basement. Says he's going to be a headless mummy because it's original.

#39: Is confident that his dad won't lose his job. Bursts into "We are the world, we are the people.... " during a family meeting. Gets yelled at. It's his idea to not drive too often so they can save on gas. Is enemies with Michael Hofmeister. Says he wishes he could "accidentally" hit him in the head with a baseball. Is part of ABJ Inc. Calls the Pikes' first car "a bomb." Is in a home video eating in a high chair, and again having a fashion show with Mal, By, Adam, and Vanessa. Slimes Mal and her friends during the sleepover. Is slimed back.

#40: Says he, Adam, and Byron are the Three Musketeers. Calls Byron a dummy because he said his favorite baseball player is Magic Johnson. Plays with toy car. Sits on counter and eat sandwich, kicking his feet against the counter. Doesnt listen to Mallory. Says Dave Winfield is cool. Surprisingly listens to Jessi. Speaks Pig Latin. Jessi teachers them to speak Op Talk. Was pitcher when the triplets were playing baseball. Hugs Mallory when she gets them ungrounded. Goes to a movie matinee and then out to ice cream with his parents, Adam, and Byron.

#42: Won "Funniest Pet" along with Adam and Byron in a pet contest. He and Byron dressed up as the front and back of a horse.

#44: His pen-pal is named Sam. He embarrassed Adam by making fun of him because he thought his pen pal was supposed to be Native American. He tricked Mal as she was up on stage at SES by asking what was crawling up the wall behind her. Is said to be the leader of a large group of friends. Played basketball. Refused to move when Goober came and needed the driveway for his performance. Got into another boy over where they had the right to put their feet while they slept at the sleepover -- at 11:52.

#47: Fought with Adam for a few minutes; Mrs. Pike told Mal to go break them up. Said he wanted to go on strike to get a bigger allowance. Doesn't like pepperonis. For his instrument in the Pike parade, he got a slide whistle. Was usually the first one to solve all of the riddles Mal and Jessi made. Was the one to solve the last one and picked Claire up and carried her to where the prize was.

#50: Came over to stay the night at Jeff's house on New Year's Eve. He, Byron, Adam, and Jeff were caught spying on Dawn and her friends.

#51: Decided he was too old for Valentine's Day.

#52: Agreed to "marry" Margo and be a parent to eggs.

#54: Pressed his fingers against Adam's cheeks just as he had shoved his mouth with mashed potatoes, causing the potatoes to come out. Along with Adam and Byron, he built a stage in the backyard of the Pikes' house. Worked crowd control, and had to drag Pow off stage.

#55: Admires Spud Diamond (the Olympic coach) and wants to be just like him. Scrunches up his shoulders because he thinks it makes him look muscular. Greets everyone with "yo." Orders around his siblings and their friends. Tells Adam and Byron that they're looking a little soft in the stomach and need to go running.

#57: Part of the "Green Police," arrests those who commit "household waste" and forces them to go to "Green School." Was the one to arrest Mallory. Also almost arrested Jessi.

#58: Dressed the same as Adam and Byron and went around singing rap songs to try to sell products because he wanted a yo-yo. Managed to seel Wrinkle Away to Claudia Kishi.

#59: Played Monkey in the Middle with Adam and Byron. Byron didn't like it because he was always in the middle; J and A loved it. Played piano at the Hobarts', and made Mal a cake along with his brothers.

#63: Dances with one of the Arnold twins.

#64: When Jeff arrives in CT, the triplets come to visit him. They wrestle, etc. Goes to Fun City as much as possible. Rode El Monstro, a rollecoaster, ten times in a row. Is friends with Scott Danby. Doesn't have a soccer ball (although, ironcically, he does in several other books). Jeff thinks the triplets have replaced him with Scott Danby and gets upset. Turns out that the triplets are constantly asking about him. Goes to see Jeff off at the airport, tells Adam that no, Jeff can't get them an oxygen mask from the plane.

#65: Wanted to play the troll in the play. Ended up playing the first troll, since Vanessa chose alphabetical order.

#66: Watches Boris Karloff horror movies with Adam in the rec room. He and Adam eventually join everyone else in baking cookies. Tells Nicky he looks like a tree.

#67: Was partners with Adam for the three-legged race. At first, they accidentally tied their right legs together instead. Stole Mallory's whistle. Played catch with Byron using a bag of chocolate chips. Wanted video games at Dawn's farewell party. Criticized Vanessa's poem. Was supposed to be in the rolling competition with Adam, but Adam refused at the last minute because he didn't want to hold hands.

#68: Played hockey against Byron and Adam with Nicky, and insisted that Adam was cheating.

#69: Planned to be a ninja for Halloween, then decided to be a pirate instead. Told Mallory she had the kissing disease. Polishes the knive for you stink giving. Chooses to watch football and eat popcorn rather than goto New York City. Pointed out that they wouldn't have been on TV anyway if they went to the Macy's parade.

#71: Played touch football. Gave a speech to welcome Pow to the family. Adam whispered something to tell him to add into the speech because Adam was shy in front of the crowd. Demanded that they all eat Oreo's afterwards.

#72: Went to the park without asking with Adam and Byron. It started raining once they were there. Stayed in the toolshed for awhile --planning on waiting out the storm -- but eventually decided to run for it because it didn't seem like it was ending any time soon. Nicky was worried about them. Triplets have a "science club" in which they basically do all sorts of experiments on their hamster, Frodo.

#73: Formed a kickball team with Adam and Byron. Was said to be the fastest runner amongst the triplets and was therefore the running coach. Him and Adam fought over who got to be pitcher. The triplets weren't good at settling arguments between their team members, so everyone evenually stopped coming. Got advice from Mal on how to run it better, and it was a success.

#75: Interrupted the play to insult his sisters.

#79: Plays football in the yard with Adam and Byron. Refuses to help with the haunted house.

#80: Asked his dad to go over his math homework. Protested Mal's play and complained that she made his characters seem like some wheered saint.

#83: Was in the BSC talent show dancing. Whacked Jessi by accident when she was trying to teach him some new moves.

#85: Was on WSTO. Got nervous at the last minute and mumbled his lines.

#88: Was invited to go swimming at a friend's house.

#90: Helped price things.

#91: Was told he had to clean his room before he played any games (along with Adam and Byron). Protested. In way of encouraging the triplets to clean their room, Sam Thomas taped a dollar bill to a paper turkey and then taped the turkey on the broom. He told the triplets they'd find it when their room was done.

#92: Spied on his sisters. Yelled at Nicky for dropping eggshells in the cookie dough. Said having lamb for dinner on Christmas was stupid and unheard of. Wants a dirt bike. Tried to give out autographs at Washington Mall. Yelled at the cameramen for messing up the branches on their Christmas tree. He and Adam stole the chocolate chips while Mrs. Pike was making cookies and ate them. Was the only Pike who thought it was stupid to give back ten thousand dollars so the cameramen would leave them alone when they only had one day of the contract left.

#94: Made a snow fort and stole food to put in it.

#95: Had a competition with Byron to see who could toss the most Captain Crunch ceral up in the air and catch them in their mouths. Byron won that one. Had another competition with Adam and Byron to see who could air up bike tires the fastest. The book never told who won or lost.

#96: Played baseball at the park. Also participated in the Cassandra Clue play.

#98: Jeff calls the triplets "JAB." Joined the BSC as a BIT (babysitter-in-training). Baby-sat the Newtons, was overjoyed to change Lucy's diapers, but turned Jamie's artwork into paper planes and hand grenades. Decided he didn't want to be in the BSC anymore because he had better things to do, like Rollerblading. Plays on Little League. Uniforms are red and white, and the team is called "the Rockets." Likes pretzels. Passed out eye patches and bandanas.

#99: Ran the ring-toss.

#100: Hid behind a refrigerator box in the basement when the Pikes played hide-and-seek.

#101: Was the assistant when Claud sat for the Pikes. Told Nicky that mummies were stupid, but ended up spending hours helping Nicky to make the 'best mummy costume ever.' Dressed as one third of a pirate crew and went trick-or-treating with his friends. Made a parrot to put on his shoulder.

#102: Goes to a football game along with several other BSC charges, and makes fun of Victoria because she got the positions wrong. It turns out that she was talking about British football.

#105: Tells Vanessa her poems multiply like thingyroaches. He and Adam also take over her poetry table.

#107: Like many other kids, he looked up to Charlie Thomas.

#108: He, Adam, and Byron led the marching band.

#112: Mrs. Pike dropped the triplets off at the Kilbournes' on her way to the grocery store, looking relieved. Said that the dance should be held at SES because it was the best. Raced Adam and Byron to the door. Tiffany and Maria fought over him, yet he couldn't seem less interested in either of them. Tiffany wanted to know if Jor liked her dress, and said she should get the first dance with him because she was "an older woman." Ended up dancing with Becca Ramsey.

#115: Called Adam a dork brain.

#116: Was in the play. Didn't have any lines in the book.

#121: Said it was the most boring summer ever because they didn't get to go to Sea City. Built a tower out of cards, but then it fell down. Moped around the house. Ended up building a 'beach' outside with the rest of th Pike kids. Had a sleepover. Triplets climbed up a large tree with a garbage bag of waer balloons and soaked everyone. When Adam grabbed the hose, and sprayed it though the window leading to the Pike parent's bedroom, Mrs. Pike came out and called for them. They hung ther heads, thinking they were in trouble, and walked over to her. She soaked them all with a water gun, and then the fight continued.

#122: Was sick in bed and couldn't go to the soccer game.

#125: Refused to even speak to Mallory because he and the other triplets said they were practicing for when she was at Riverbend. Threw a football around while walking home from school. Ate chocolate chip cookies.

#126: Let Mallory hug him before she left. Is the oldest triplet. Says he should be in charge now that Mallory is gone. Says Vanessa shouldn't get her own room. Started the Room Wars. Claimed Vanessa and Mallory's old room for him, Adam, and Byron. In the end, Jordan and Adam got Mallory and Vanessa's old room, Byron and Nicky got Margo and Claire's old room, and the girls all shared the boys' old room.

#130: The triplets all climbed on each other's backs for the video Alan was filming. They were doing fine until Nicky joined in, then they almost ran into a lamp. The triplets played Monopoly in the rec room.

#131: Thinks fires are cool to look at. Compares notes about the fire with Adam. Loved going to the fire department. Says firefighters are brave. Wants a new airplane model, so tries to save up money.

SS #1: Grossed Margo out on the plane to FL. Went on a cruise to Disney World. His handwriting is in the front of this book from were he signed the card. Wanted to go look for people wearing weird bathing caps and laugh at them. Went to see Treasure Island with Byron, Adam, Nicky, and David Michael. Become obsessed with pirates. Went exploring with same people and searched for treasure. Got in trouble because they all came back running around like crazy. Pike parents made them have a babysitter with them again. Went out exploring in Disney World with Stacey. After riding many rides, searched for treasure again and found Dawn's charm. They all took it back to her. Looked over the "treasure map" on the plane back to CT, and a man on the plane told them it was a diagram to a machine -- and asked if they were Swedish. Apparently, the map was written in Swedish.

SS #2: Was mentioned to go to Camp Mohawk.

SS #4: Was worried about his friend Jeff. Went on the search boat with Mr. Pike and the babysitters. Suggested a route that would allow them to stop by all of the little islands without getting too far from the other boat. Ran up to Jeff-- along with Adam and Byron -- when he was finally off of the island.

SS #6: Everyone at the airport stopped staring at the Thomas/Brewers when the Pikes entered the airport -- they started the the triplets instead.

SS #7: Mary Anne and Mallory baby-say while the Pikes were in NY. Got in trouble for giving the Bizzer Sign (again). Kept insisting that they all listen to the weather report because he wanted it to snow so they wouldn't have school. Listens to the radio while doing homework because he wants to wait for them to list schoo closings. Tells Nicky that he's a dork because Nicky asks if they close school over two inches. Jordan tells him no after that, but says he wishes they would -- even though they'll probably only have a flurry. Eavesdrops on Mallory and Mrs. Pike's conversation. When the electricity goes out, Jordan tells everyone they should hurry and eat all of the ice cream because the stuff in the freezer is going to go bad. Margo suggests that they all eat spaghetti with chocolate sauce, and Jordan says he'd rather eat that than the vegetables in the freezer.

SS #9: Played an Indian in Peter Pan. Hid under a giant box with Adam and Byron, and cut holes in the sides. Shot spitballs through the holes using peashooters. Turned on the sprinklers inside because he, Adam, and Byron wanted to do a raindance they had made up.

SS #10: For the first time ever, one of the sitters had trouble telling the triplets apart. *gasp* Likes Fudgesicles. Told his sisters and Jessi that their castle was good, but then almost choked when they told him they were going to enter the sand castle contest. He asked Jessi if she had seen the other castles, then took her to where they adults were working on their castles. When they found out the hurricae was coming, Jordan was excited, and listed candy and cookies as some of the necessities Mr. Pike should get at the store when the Pike parents asked for suggestions.

SS #15: Is named after an uncle on his mom's side. Adam is named after their maternal grandfather. Has family in England. Related to William Shakespeare.

#1: Wants to go with the babysitters and Charlie when they go investigating.

#2: Ate spaghetti out of a cereal bowl. Fought Adam for the orange bowl. In the end, they all ended up with white bowls. Sang a song about not singing. Hid Frodo in a shoebox.

#3: Had the basic idea for Mudball, although Byron and Adam came up with several of the details. Took off all of his clothes except for his underclothes in the laundry room because he was so muddy from the game. Then went upstairs to change and Margo caught and teased all of her brothers. Tells Mal she's a Tropical Nut. Woke Mal up with an eyedropper filled with water. Is extremely ticklish. Surrendered and promised to never do it again after Mal started to tickle him. Hates waffles. Loves peanut-butter, salami, and banana sandwiches on lightly toasted bread. Once submitted it to a Stupendous Sandwiches contest, but never heard back from the judges. All of the Pike boys wrote a song for Uncle Joe. Jordan's lines:

"I'm a real jammin' dude and the girls agree,
There's no cooler guy than Jordan P."

Likes to play handyman. Started laughing at dinner and accidentally spit rice across the table at Uncle Joe. Made an obstacle course. Leapfrogged over a pile of pillows. Is more coordinated than Nicky. Wore a pair of Mets sweatpants as pajamas. Wanted to wear them to the nursing home to see Uncle Joe (wasn't wearing a shirt). Says he thinks Uncle Joe will like his picture best.

#4: Set the plates on the table.

#5: Is a "wise guy always ready with a snappy comeback." Is in charge of the "news" section of the old-fashioned SES newspaper. Looked through a book of all the births and deaths in Stoneybrook at the library. Fascinated with Old Hickory. Went to see his grave. One grave reminded him of Vanessa because the saying on it was poetic. Passed out the papers out the SES festival and dressed as a newsboy.

#6: Byron drops a pan and blames it on Jordan, who blames it on Adam. Hears that Derek Masters has a kissing scene and teases him about it. Invites him over for lunch. Goes to Derek's house with the phone book and calls all of these girls, telling them to come over so that they can help Derek practice. Pays Vanessa to kiss him.

#7: Eats peanut butter and ketchup. Says Byron stole Nicky's lucky penny. Refuses to sit next to Margo in the car because the barf bucket is in the other car.

#8: Went to a concert. Triplets stick together like glue. Triplets won scanger hunt "by a mile."

#11: Sword fights with Adam and Byron. Plans on building a tree house with places to pour boiling oil out of it, a moat, etc.

#16: Calls Nicky a cactushead. Doesn't like getting his haircut. Looks more like he's about to get a tooth pulled than a haircut when he arrives. Suggests hiring a plan to fly over Stoneybrook and take a picture so they can send it to Dawn.

#18: Helps cut out designs.

#20: Can't figure out how to work Nicky's button-maker. Suggests they make campaign buttons. Is in Kristy's group.

#22: Takes piano lessons; says they're going fine. Plays Ghostbusters and is the first to realize Abby isn't really a ghost.

#23: Makes a country club and won't let the younger kids join. Gives sports-style commentary as Adam and Byron play bball. Spies on the Stanton-Chas when they make one. The two eventually merge together. Was at first angry at the younger kids for copying, but ends up being nice to Stephen:

"I wasn't even sure of his name," Jordan said. "But you seem like a nice kid," he added, addressing Stephen. "I know Claire's been having fun over here. She talks about you all the time."
"So how about joining the clubs together?" asked Kristy.
"It's okay with me," Stephen said shyly. He was still glowing from what Jordan had said.

#25: His team in the scavenger hunt was called the "Dream Team."

#26: Plays soccer.

#27: Is the oldest of the triplets, 40 seconds older than Adam. Byron is the youngest. A few quotes because I'm too amused tonight:

"I think astronomers are very selfish," Margo said. "They should name comets after regular people, too."
"See that?" Jordan pointed to the big maple tree in the Pike yard. "From now on, that will be knows as the Adam tree.
"I call the Claire picnic table!" Claire shouted.
"The Margo cloud!"
"The Nicky bush!"
"The Byron house!"
"The Jordan world!"
Vanessa turned from the telescope. "You can't name the whole word for yourself, greedy."
"Ooh, I have to use the Vanessa toilet," Jordan taunted her.

"It was the name of the astronomer who discovered the comet, almost a hundred years ago," Mallory said. "Shelmadine Veehoff."
The kids cracked up. "Shelmadine?"
"Oh my darlin', on my darlin', oh my daaaarlin; Shelmadiiiiine..." Jordan warbled.

#28: Wrote a poem, but was cut off before he could finish:

"When your stomach feels all funny, if you've eaten too much honey, all you have to do is puke, puke, puke!" began Jordan, who was also laughing and could barely get the words out. "When you're urpy, when you're burpy, all you have to do is –"

#33: Started a burping contest with Adam while the BSC was trying to get the kids to talk about V-day. Told Nicky it was uncool to send valentines to other boys.

#34: Got in trouble for throwing popcorn at random people at the movie theater. Had to be separated from Adam at Pizza Express. He and Adam got into a fight with an older teen boy and his friends. Some workers (and their moms) had to pull them away. The reason they got into he fight is because the older boys tried to cut in front of them while they were waiting in line at the arcade. Tom Cates thinks the triplets are immature, although he does eventually become friends with Byron.

#35: Builds a go-cart. The triplets took apart their tricycles as soon as they got them when they were younger. Mr. Pike was mad, then said it meant that they ready for bigger bikes. The triplets then rode bigger bikes, but got hurt so often at first that Mr. Pike said he wished he had invested in Band-Aids. Shea Rodowskey looks up to Adam and Jordan.

SM #1: Skateboarded in the parade and offered to help Vanessa, Nicky, Margo and Claire decorate their bikes. Wore a blue shirt. It is mentioned -- once again -- that Shea Rodowskey looks up to Adam and Jordan.

SM #2: Answered the door when Jessi came over. He and Adam watch wrestling early in the morning. Helped the BSC solve the mystery (or tried to). Suggested looking in the hardware store for the man with the tattoo. It was hard for the BSC to look around with the Pike kids without causing too much of a scene -- especially since three of the kids were identical triplets.

SM #3: Claimed he discovered an ancient book of spells. Convinces his younger siblings that he has magical powers. They believe him because -- by complete coincidene, of course -- things happen as soon as he casts a "spell." The BSC finally gets him to confess that he was lying the whole time right before the parade. Claire is sad because he had promised her he'd give her the power to fly, so Jordan carries her all the way through the parade on his shoulders.

SM #4: Plays one of the three wisemen in the Christmas play.

Logan's Story: Doesn't want to go to the health fair. Peels the crust off of his toast.

Logan Bruno, Boy Babysitter: Makes fun of his younger siblings for being scared of EJ. However, he keeps it a secret that EJ is a girl.

Shannon's Story: He and Byron make Mrs. Pike a Mother's Day present. It's a card with a menu inside.

FF #4: Creeps Byron out by sitting on the armrest of the couch and just staring at him for several moments. Refuses to do his homework. Goes upstairs with Adam and the two of them somehow manage to knock over Frodo's cage. Erica goes to see what's going on and they refuse to open the door. When they finally open the door, they don't tell her what happened, so she said she would have to find a way to change that. She started to tickle Jordan and he told Adam to make a run for it in Pig Latin. Erica understood and managed to get the truth out of them. She then managed to not only get them to do their homework, but to also clean their room. Jordan had a crush on Erica and kept asking Mrs. Pike when she was going to come over to babysit again. Next time she came over, he made all of his siblings be on their best behavior.

FF #10: Nicky wanted to hang up Jordan's underwear by the front door as a welcome home present to Mallory. He and Adam are the most popular kids in their grade and are rarely home anymore because they're always off playing sports or doing things with friends.

FF #11: Has a cool moster mask. Likes ice cream sandwiches. Is friends with Jeff Schafer. Sees Mary Anne in her robe when he comes over to help Jeff with his room. Embarrasses her. Jeff was still sleeping when he got there so he banged on the door until he woke up. Ate whole-wheat pancakes. Wanted Jeff's room to have a Lost World theme.

Graduation Day: Kristy says the triplets are to be in charge when the time capsule is opened in seven years. The triplets are shocked when they realize it's only seven years until they go to college.

Karen's Mermaid: Jordan is mentioned to be boogie-boarding in Sea City.

Unfortunately, this section is under construction. I don't have my book with me right now, but I should be able to finish it in the near future!

Basically, their role is the same in each of the mini-books (the books that came with the dolls), although the full story is described in Kristy and Triple Trouble: Kristy (as a favor to Mallory) took the triplets to the sporting goods store in Washington Mall to get new gloves for baseball. While they were supposed to be looking at gloves, they instead got a bat and baseball an played ball right there in the middle of the store. They ended up creating quite a mess and had to clean it up before she would get them their gloves.

Portrait Collections and California Diaries:
Sadly, Jordan doesn't appear in any of the CDs or PCs.

Disclaimer: Jordan Pike is the property of Ann M. Martin and Scholastic Inc.... yada yada yada ya. Don't sue. I'm just an obsessive fan.

The Guide: This guide was written entirely by me: lucida. I've also written The Complete Guide to Byron Pike, which is linked below. If you realize I've left out something important, or gotten something wrong, feel free to message me.

Coding: I usually like to do my own coding, but this code by chaperoned is so wonderful that I couldn't resist using it. Why fix what isn't broken? The code can be found at rp_tutorials if anyone is interested.

The Complete Guide to Byron Pike | babysitters100 | babysittersclub

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