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Total apperances in the regular series: 76.

#4: Identical triplet, nine. Loves to eat. Was the one to point out that it was time for dinner.

#5: Still nine. Goes to ice hockey practice with Adam and Jordan. Cried when Mallory gave him the Bizzer Sign.

#8: Ten years old. Rode in Mrs. Pike's car to Sea City with Mary Anne, Vanessa, Adam, and Jordan. Complimented one of Vanessa's poems. First thing he wanted to do was go to Ice Cream Palace. Favorite ice cream is big cherry vanilla. Had money when they went to the candy store, but none of his other siblings did -- only bought for himself. Knows how to swim, but is afraid to go in deep water because he says you never know when it could just drop. Finally agrees to go in water up to his knees. Adam and Jordan teased him about it at first, but were nice about it when he finally went in the water. Wanted to eat a double Crazy Burger 'with the works.' Refused to go in the haunted house with Adam and Jordan, which made them mad. Rode the ferris wheel twice. Doesn't like Smithtown, but likes miniature golf. Took Stacey to the bay side (she was the one to help him sort of get over his fear of the water). Went to Trampoline Land while Adam and Jordan went swimming. Is quieter than Adam and Jordan.

#9: Plays Wandering Frog People. Went swimming at Joey's house, and invited Jeff to come along. Has glow-in-the-dark space creatures. Likes dill pickles and peanut butter. Also likes fried peanut butter and jelly.

#11: Had chicken pox. Likes fruit salad.

#13: Byron is one of the Top Agents when the Pikes play the game Jordan invented, Secret Agents.

#14: Has a unique bond with Jordan and Adam that Mal admires. She calls them built-in-friends. Got a haircut.

#15: Is on an after-school sports team. Snickered in the audience when Margo was on stage peeling a banana with her feet. Said that Margo's recital gave him a headache.

#16: Sung the worm song and the spaghetti song with his brothers. Wondered what a secret sign for 'rabbit' could be.

#17: Is compared to a human vacuum cleaner. Turned the fire up on the Daddy Stew because he said he couldn't wait until six-thirty to eat; however; he ended up ruining the Daddy Stew and the Pikes had to eat tuna instead.

#19: Offered to make chocolate sundaes for everyone, along with Jordan and Adam. Turned out to be sundaes with chocolate-covered tennis balls. He, Adam, and Jordan let Mallory "rent" a fake rat, sneezing powder, and a rubber slug for one dollar and fifty cents. Plays soccer. Practiced soccer moves. Has a fake spider that looks real.

#20: Tried to do acrobatics outside with Jordan and Adam. Played baseball: triplets VS Margo, Claire, Nicky, and Matt. Told the Krushers they could bat first. Calls Claire the strike-out queen. Is on Little League. Went to the Krushers game dressed in his Little League uniform.

#21: Sat in the very back of the station wagon when the Pikes went to Washington Mall. Went off to look with Jordan and Adam. Watched a movie in the rec room. Speaks Pig Latin with Jordan and Adam. Triplets dress differently. Switches places with Jordan and Adam at school when there's a substitute. He and Jordan made fun of Mal while she was talking to Jessi on the phone and telling her about how her parents finally agreed to let her get her ears pierced. Likes ice cream sandwiches made out of graham crackers and frozen yogurt.

#22: Got Frodo.

#23: Loves raviolis and coleslaw. Came inside and grabbed a cookie before lunch. Played Frisbee in the backyard with Jordan and Adam. Let Nicky chase after it when it got out of the yard.

#26: Along with Jordan and Adam, he taped a target to the back of Claire's shirt and spent all day throwing things at her.

#27: Played badminton against Derek Masters. Doesn't like Derek (and neither does Courtney).

#29: Opened the chest for Mal using a crowbar (with Adam and Jordan) and was disappointed when it was just clothes in there.

#30: Went to the wedding as a guest of Jeff's. Pointed and laughed at a naked angel.

#31: Got viral pneumonia along with Jordan and Adam.

#32: Was introduced to the Hobart boys. Pikes used to be called the Spiders because there are eight of them, and spiders have eight legs.

#34: Begged Mrs. Pike to make Vanessa stop rhyming. Made fun of Nicky's Batman shirt. Went snorkeling with his brothers (apparently, he's over his feat of water by this point?).

#35: Likes to eat bologna and grape together on a sandwich. Played the Tinman when the Pikes put on a Wizard of Oz play. Wanted to play Batman so he could be the Joker.

#36: Had the idea to open a lending library.

#38: Makes haunted house in the basement.

#39: Started ABJ Incorporated with Adam and Jordan; said they were 'enterprising.' Was afraid they'd become homeless if Mr. Pike couldn't pay the mortage. Almost cried because of what Michael Hofmeister said to them at school. Slimed the babysitters at Mal's sleepover, along with Adam and Jordan.

#40: Says he, Jordan, and Adam are the Three Musketeers. Plays with toy car. Sits on counter and eat sandwich, kicking his feet against the counter. Doesn't listen to Mallory. Surprisingly listens to Jessi. Speaks Pig Latin. Says Magic Johnson is his favorite baseball player, so Jordan calls him a dummy because Magic Johnson plays basketball. Jessi teaches them how to speak Op-Talk. Goes to a movie matinée and then out to ice cream with his parents, Jordan, and Adam.

#42: Won "Funniest Pet" along with Jordan and Adam in a pet contest.

#44: Had Mr. Pike take some pictures of the family to send to his pen pal. Set up a free-throw with Adam. Entertained a group of kids at the sleepover by wearing a pancake mustache.

#47: Is more sensitive than his brothers. Spilled his milk; Mrs. Pike made Mal clean it up. Popped all of the balloons that Mal had blown up for the "circus." Was surprised that Mal had actually missed them while she was on strike. Made a tuba from a piece of garden hose and a funnel.

#50: Came over to stay the night at Jeff's house on New Year's Eve. He, Adam, Jordan and Jeff were caught spying on Dawn and her friends.

#51: Decided he was too old for Valentine's Day.

#52: Told Dawn her "baby" (the egg) was naked. Pretend-married Vanessa. One of their "children" died and Byron was sad that they hadn't even gotten to name it yet.

#54: Along with Jordan and Adam, he built a stage in the backyard of the Pikes' house. Worked crowd control, and had to drag Pow off stage.

#55: Went running.

#57: Part of the "Green Police," arrests those who commit "household waste" and forces them to go to "Green School."

#58: Dressed the same as Jordan and Adam and went around singing rap songs to try to sell products because he wanted a yo-yo.

#59: Played Monkey in the Middle with Jordan and Adam. Byron didn't like it because he was always in the middle; J and A loved it. Made Mal a cake along with his brothers.

#64: Comes to see Jeff when Jeff comes to Cali. They wrestle, etc. Goes to Fun City as much as possible. Rode El Monstro, a roller coaster, ten times in a row. Is friends with Scott Danby. Doesn't have a soccer ball (although, ironically, he does in several other books). Jeff thinks the triplets have replaced him with Scott Danby and gets upset. Turns out that the triplets are constantly asking about him. Goes to see Jeff off at the airport.

#65: Wanted to play the troll in the play. Ended up playing the last middle troll, since Vanessa chose alphabetical order.

#66: Bakes cookies with his siblings. Doesn't watch horror movies with Adam and Jordan.

#67: Was partners with Nicky for the 3-legged race; they didn't do very well. Likes the balloon toss, but almost fainted while blowing up the balloons for the balloon toss.

#68: Played hockey against Jordan and Nicky with Adam.

#69: Planned to be a ninja for Halloween, then decided to be a pirate instead. Polishes the knives for thanksgiving. Chooses to watch football and eat popcorn rather than go to New York City.

#71: Played touch football.

#72: Went to the park without asking with Jordan and Adam. It started raining once they were there. Stayed in the tool shed for awhile --planning on waiting out the storm -- but eventually decided to run for it because it didn't seem like it was ending any time soon. Nicky was worried about them. Triplets have a "science club" in which they basically do all sorts of experiments on their hamster, Frodo.

#73: Formed a kickball team with Jordan and Adam. The triplets weren't good at settling arguments between their team members, so everyone eventually stopped coming. Got advice from Mal on how to run it better, and it was a success.

#75: Interrupted the play to insult his sisters.

#79: Plays football in the yard with Jordan and Adam. Refuses to help with the haunted house.

#80: Protested Mal's play. Didn't like that she changed his name to Myron.

#83: Participated in the talent show.

#85: Was on WSTO. Enjoys Mal's stories about Oogly and says Oogly should eat his teacher.

#88: Was invited to go swimming at a friend's house.

#90: Priced things with Jordan and Vanessa. Accidentally broke an antique vase and panicked.

#91: Was told he had to clean his room before he played any games (along with Jordan and Adam). Protested. In way of encouraging the triplets to clean their room, Sam Thomas taped a dollar bill to a paper turkey and then taped the turkey on the broom. He told the triplets they'd find it when their room was done.

#92: Byron laughed so hard that he fell out of his chair when Adam told Claire that Pow was frozen solid. Spied on his sisters. Argued with Adam over whether they should get a Ferrari or a Porsche. Wanted the television crew to leave so that they could spend Christmas as a family.

#94: Made a snow fort and stole food to put in it.

#95: Had a competition with Jordan and Adam to see who could air up bike tires the fastest. The book never told who won or lost. Had a competition with Jordan to see who could catch the most cereal in his mouth – and won.

#96: Played baseball at the park. Also participated in the Cassandra Clue play.

#98: Jeff calls the triplets "JAB." Joined the BSC as a BIT (babysitter-in-training). Almost bailed on a job because he had a Little League game on the same day, but ended up coming back. Played 'vegetable house' with Claire and Margo. Decided he didn't want to be in the BSC anymore because he had better things to do, like Rollerblading. Plays on Little League. Uniforms are red and white, and the team is called "the Rockets."

#99: Stuck a long tail to the back of Nicky's pants. Was in charge of the beanbag toss.

#100: Hid under the piano when the Pikes played hide-and-seek. Adam called him a doofus.

#101: Dressed as one third of a pirate crew and went trick-or-treating with his friends.

#102: Goes to a football game along with several other BSC charges.

#105: Likes Cap'n Crunch. Took over Vanessa's poetry booth with Adam and Jordan.

#107: Like many other kids, he looked up to Charlie Thomas.

#108: He, Jordan, and Adam led the marching band.

#112: Mrs. Pike dropped the triplets off at the Kilbournes' on her way to the grocery store, looking relieved. Raced Jordan and Adam to the door. Danced with Tiffany Kilbourne.

#115: Byron wants to read Dawn his English report, but Adam tells him he'll put her to sleep.

#116: Was in the play.

#121: Built a tower out of cards, but then it fell down. Moped around the house. Ended up building a 'beach' outside with the rest of th Pike kids. Had a sleepover. Triplets climbed up a large tree with a garbage bag of water balloons and soaked everyone. Mrs. Pike came out and called for them after Adam accidentally sprayed the water hose in his parents' bedroom. They hung their heads, thinking they were in trouble, and walked over to her. She soaked them all with a water gun, and then the fight continued.

#122: He and Adam had a soccer game (Jordan was sick).

#125: Refused to even speak to Mallory because he and the other triplets said they were practicing for when she was at Riverbend. Threw a football around while walking home from school. Ate chocolate chip cookies.

#126: Let Mallory hug him before she left. Refused to help Adam and Jordan take apart the bunk beds. Did not participate in the infamous Pike family room wars; while his siblings were upstairs "protesting," he read a book in the rec room.

“What’s up?” [Abby] asked him when she found him reading quietly in the rec room. “Don’t you have any opinion about this room issue?”

He shook his head. “Not really,” he answered. “The whole thing is dumb. Jordan and Adam are acting like babies. Which is kind of funny, since they’re always telling Nicky what a baby he is. Which he isn’t, really.”

Abby nodded, thoughtfully.

“So you’re staying out of the Room Wars?” she asked.

He nodded. “However it works out is fine with me. I just want some peace and quiet.”

Agreed to share a room with Nicky instead of with Adam and Jordan.

#130: The triplets all climbed on each other's backs for the video Alan was filming. They were doing fine until Nicky joined in, then they almost ran into a lamp. The triplets played Monopoly in the rec room.

#131: Wants a new airplane model, so tries to save up money. Unlike Adam and Jordan, fires don't excite him – actually, he's scared of them. Wanted the BSC to pay him, A, and J to not ruin their reputation. Is the logical triplet.

Total apperances in the super specials: 8.

SS #1: Grossed Margo out on the plane to FL. Went on a cruise to Disney World. His handwriting is in the front of this book from were he signed the card – signs his name in cursive. Wanted to eat when they babysitters asked what all of the kids wanted to do. Has 2 chapters from his POV in this book. Read Treasure Island. Tried to get Adam and Jordan to read it, but they said all classics are boring. Managed to get his brothers to go see the movie of Treasure Island with him; they ended up liking it. Found what he believed to be a treasure map while they were searching for treasure. Has read about the different types of islands. Went exploring with same people and searched for treasure. Got in trouble because they all came back running around like crazy. Pike parents made them have a babysitter with them again. Went out exploring in Disney World with Stacey. Rides roller coasters. After riding many rides, searched for treasure again and found Dawn's charm. They all took it back to her. Looked over the "treasure map" on the plane back to CT, and a man on the plane told them it was a diagram to a machine -- and asked if they were Swedish. Apparently, the map was written in Swedish.

SS #2: Was mentioned to go to Camp Mohawk.

SS #4: Was worried about his friend Jeff. Went on the search boat with Mrs. Pike, Adam, Vanessa, Nicky, Margo, and Claire (Jordan was with Mr. Pike) . Ran up to Jeff-- along with Jordan and Adam -- when he was finally off of the island.

SS #6: Everyone at the airport stopped staring at the Thomas/Brewers when the Pikes entered the airport -- they started the the triplets instead.

SS #7: Mary Anne and Mallory baby-sat while the Pikes were in NY. Asked if he could have a Popsicle, but didn't really want one – just wanted to know if he could have one. Said they should do a snow dance so school would be canceled tomorrow. Insisted that they wouldn't have school tomorrow. Suggesting hurrying and eating all of the food in the freezer, since it would go bad anyway; he said they could start with the ice cream. Told Mal he was hungry three different times. Likes bologna.

SS #9: Played an Indian in Peter Pan. Hid under a giant box with Jordan and Adam, and cut holes in the sides. Shot spitballs through the holes using peashooters. Adam turned on the sprinklers inside because he, Jordan, and Byron wanted to do a rain dance they had made up.
ping on Mal and her friends.

SS #10: For the first time ever, one of the sitters had trouble telling the triplets apart. Was scared when he found out a hurricane was coming and stayed close to his mom, who hugged him and assured him that no one was going to die. Lied and said they were just looking for Nicky's Etch-a-Sketch when they were caught on eavesdropping on Mal and her friends.

SS #15: Is the only triplet not named after a relative (that we know of). Has family in England. Related to William Shakespeare.

Total apperances in the mysteries: 21.

#1: Wants to go with the babysitters and Charlie when they go investigating.

#2: Ate spaghetti out of a cereal bowl. Adam and Jordan were fighting over the orange bowl, so Byron claimed the blue bowl (which caused another fight). In the end, they all ended up with white bowls.

#3: Took off all of his clothes except for his underclothes in the laundry room because he was so muddy from the game. Likes English muffins. Likes being tickled. Likes waffles. Drew a pictures of Leonardo fighting Shredder. Helped his brothers write a rap song. Apologized for being too loud and promised Mr. Pike that they'd be quieter when Uncle Joe arrived. Likes to play handyman. Wanted to wear his pajamas (one sock and Bart Simpson shorts) to the nursing home to see Uncle Joe. Made an obstacle thinks Uncle Joe will like his picture best.

#4: Helped set the table.

#5: Is a "wise guy always ready with a snappy comeback." Is in charge of the "news" section of the old-fashioned SES newspaper with Jordan and Adam. Found a book on Old Hickory and read it outloud to Adam and Jordan. Asked Stacey if they could go visit Old Hickory's grave; said it was "awesome."

#6: Byron drops a pan and blames it on Jordan, who blames it on Adam, who blames it on Byron. The triplets and Nicky put together all of their money and pay Vanessa to kiss Derek Masters.

#7: Stole some icing off the side of the cake because Mallory only said he couldn't have any cake; she didn't say anything about the icing. Ate PB and jelly for lunch.

#8: Went to a concert. Triplets stick together like glue. Triplets won scavenger hunt "by a mile."

#11: Sword fights with Jordan and Adam. Plans on building a tree house with places to pour boiling oil out of it, a moat, etc.

#16: Climbed on the gutters to retrieve a Frisbee; didn't get the Frisbee, but found two softballs.

#18: Helps cut out designs. Likes to eat PB and salami sandwiches.

#20: Can't figure out how to work Nicky's button-maker. Is in Kristy's group. Got a large "B" on his shirt from touching wet paint.

#22: Claimed that he spotted a ghost and carried around a plastic ray gun. Had a ghost detector made of a shoebox while they were playing Ghostbusters.

#23: Makes a country club and won't let the younger kids join. Makes fun of the club the younger kids made; said it's just a bunch of little kids. The two eventually merge together.

#25: His team in the scavenger hunt was called the "Dream Team."

#26: Plays soccer.

#27: Tells Jordan that at least he knows the study of the stars is 'astronomy' instead of 'astrology.' Names a house after himself. Youngest triplet.

#28: Makes up disgusting poems with Adam and Jordan. Decides he likes poetry and writes a poem about snot.

#33: Had a burping contest with Jordan and Adam while the BSC was trying to get the kids to talk about V-day.

#34: Got in trouble for throwing popcorn at random people at the movie theater. Becomes friends with Tom Cates, even though Tom thought all of the triplets were immature at first.

#35: Builds a go-cart. The triplets took apart their tricycles as soon as they got them when they were younger. Mr. Pike was mad, then said it meant that they ready for bigger bikes. The triplets then rode bigger bikes, but got hurt so often at first that Mr. Pike said he wished he had invested in Band-Aids.

Total apperances in the super mysteries: 4.

SM #1: Skateboarded in the parade. Wore a white baseball cap in the parade.

SM #2: Doesn't get all excited over watching wrestling in the morning like Adam and Jordan do. Helped the BSC solve the mystery (or tried to). It was hard for the BSC to look around with the Pike kids without causing too much of a scene -- especially since three of the kids were identical triplets.

SM #3: Believes Jordan when he says he discovered an ancient book of spells and has magical powers. Offered to help Jordan carry Claire through the parade.

SM #4: Plays one of the three wise men in the Christmas play.

Total apperances in the readers' requests: 3.

Logan's Story: Doesn't want to go to the health fair.

Logan Bruno, Boy Babysitter: Makes fun of his younger siblings for being scared of EJ, but he keeps it a secret that EJ is a girl.

Shannon's Story: Made a menu for Mrs. Pike with Jordan. Wanted it to look like a menu from a fancy restaurant. They ended up writing the menu in elegant gold script. Barely caught Linny Papadakis' wild pitch.

Total apperances in the friends forever series: 3.

FF #4: Hates to be stared at. Jordan was sitting up on the arm of the couch, staring down at him, and it made Byron nervous. He begged the babysitters to make Jordan stop. He also punched Jordan in the book, and Jordan immediately punched him back.

FF #10: Takes pride in being the 'oldest brother' (even though Adam and Jordan are older than him) and helps all of his younger siblings with their homework right after school, etc.

FF #11: Waited for Nicky, even though the other triplets just rolled their eyes at their youngest brother. When Jeff was upset and the other triplets just left and went to play their computer game anyway, Byron kept coming and checking on Jeff, refusing to join his brothers without him. Agreed that it would be awesome to help Jeff decorate Jeff's new room, then went to get his brothers so they could all plot. Was embarrassed when he saw Mary Anne in her bathrobe. Took notes when they were brainstorming. Byron wanted Jeff's room to have a space station theme.

Total apperances in the FF super specials: 1.

Graduation Day: Kristy says the triplets are to be in charge when the time capsule is opened in seven years. The triplets are shocked when they realize it's only seven years until they go to college.

Total apperances in the Little Sister series: 1.

Karen's Mermaid: Byron is mentioned to be boogie-boarding in Sea City.

Unfortunately, this section is under construction. I don't have my book with me right now, but I should be able to finish it in the near future!

Basically, their role is the same in each of the mini-books (the books that came with the dolls), although the full story is described in Kristy and Triple Trouble: Kristy (as a favor to Mallory) took the triplets to the sporting goods store in Washington Mall to get new gloves for baseball. While they were supposed to be looking at gloves, they instead got a bat and baseball an played ball right there in the middle of the store. They ended up creating quite a mess and had to clean it up before she would get them their gloves.

Portrait Collections and California Diaries:
Sadly, Byron doesn't appear in any of the CDs or PCs.

Disclaimer: Byron Pike is the property of Ann M. Martin and Scholastic Inc.... yada yada yada ya. Don't sue. I'm just an obsessive fan.

The Guide: This guide was written entirely by me: lucida. I've also written The Complete Guide to Jordan Pike, which is linked below. If you realize I've left out something important, or gotten something wrong, feel free to message me.

Coding: I usually like to do my own coding, but this code by chaperoned is so wonderful that I couldn't resist using it. Why fix what isn't broken? The code can be found at rp_tutorials if anyone is interested.

The Complete Guide to Jordan Pike | babysitters100 | babysittersclub

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Glad you like it! :D And, lol, I'm really the opposite. When I was younger, I would literally skip most of the plots (and subplots) that didn't have to do with the Pikes (or Maggie Blume, my other weakness)... sometimes I would even skim through the books in the stores and I would choose the ones I wanted to buy based on how heavily they featured the Pikes. : P Because of this, I'm very comfortable with Pike-canon - sometimes my BSC friends jokingly refer to me as a Pike database :P - but somewhat weak on... sitter canon. I've slowly been rereading the series, though, so I think I'm getting a little better!

You should totally post your notes on Charlie Thomas and Janine Kishi - I would love to read them! They're two characters I have been enjoying more and more lately, but didn't pay much attention to when I was younger.

Edited at 2011-03-31 02:23 am (UTC)

The Pike database, eh? I might run a few things by you, then, when I get around to the Pike prompts in my babysitters100 table.

You should totally post your notes on Charlie Thomas and Janine Kishi - I would love to read them! They're two characters I have been enjoying more and more lately, but didn't pay much attention to when I was younger.

Yeah, they are definitely two characters that became my favorites when I reread the series as an adult, for whatever reason. (I was always a Sam/Stacey fan, but for whatever reason, my rereads have made me an even bigger fan of the Thomas family. Considering I found the Thomas/Brewer clan mostly annoying the first go around, this is rather amazing, LOL!)

The only problem with my notes is that I didn't re-read everything, just the main series and the super specials (and the obvious mystery books, like #6), so they aren't definitive. But I'd be willing to type up and share what I had, for whatever use that'd be to others :)

I'm more than willing to help out when you write your Pike prompts, if you need me to. :) I know the canon for JAB and Vanessa the best (because I've played 3/4 of them in RPGs before), but I'm fairly decent with the younger Pikes, too. Oddly enough, though, I really don't know Mal quite as well.

I found the Thomas/Brewers annoying for awhile, too. I still don't really care much for DM - does he have a personality? - but the others have been growing on me.

Have you read the FFs? Kristy's Big News is one of my absolute favorite books, and Charlie and Sam are particularly amazing in it. (And, gah, now I want to go scrounge the regular series for Charlie and Sam goodness. :P )

I'm more than willing to help out when you write your Pike prompts, if you need me to. :)

Awesome! I will eventually need help - my table has 10 Pike prompts, LOL :P Weirdly enough, I'm going back and re-reading the Jessi and Mallory books now (the ones I have, at least) because those are the ones I didn't reread incessantly when I was younger.

I think what bothered me about the Thomas/Brewer clan was the focus on the younger ones. I was not (and still am not) a Karen fan, and you're right ~ David Michael (and Andrew) didn't get much of a personality. And then there's Emily Michelle, who's the same age as wunderkind Gabbie Perkins o.O Ugh.

But the older Thomas brothers? Yum, I'll take them any day of the week!

Have you read the FFs? Kristy's Big News is one of my absolute favorite books, and Charlie and Sam are particularly amazing in it.

That is, in fact, the only FF book I've read cover to cover, and it was precisely because it was about the Thomas family. (I've skimmed the two FF Super Specials, but the rest of the series I pretty much avoid. I liked the baby-sitting chapters in the regular series, and didn't care much for the ongoing angst of catty teen girls. I was 17 when the FF series started, that was probably why, LOL.)

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