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30 Day BSC Meme
I ♥ memes. I'm going to fill out the first day shortly, but in the meantime...

30 Day BSC Meme
1.) Favorite sitter
2.) Least favorite sitter
3.) Favorite regular book
4.) Least favorite regular book
5.) Favorite mystery
6.) Least favorite mystery
7.) Favorite super special
8.) Least favorite super special
9.) Favorite minor character
10.) Least favorite minor character
11.) Favorite sitting charge
12.) Least favorite sitting charge
13.) Favorite parent
14.) Least favorite parent
15.) Favorite BSC fight
16.) Favorite BSC love interest
17.) Favorite BSC organized event
18.) Favorite vacation spot
19.) Favorite holiday book
20.) Favorite couple in the book
21.) Favorite couple not in the book (as in who you wanted to get together but didn't)
22.) BSC member or minor character you could see yourself being friends with
23.) Favorite Friends Forever
24.) Least favorite Friends Forever
25.) Moments/Scene from the books that sticks out to you the most
26.) Favorite Claudia outfit
27.) Favorite Stacey outfit
28.) One thing you learned from the BSC
29.) Favorite BSC 'villain'
30.) Biggest 'that wouldn't really happen in real life' moment

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Ditto this! Filing this away for future use. ♥

Double ditto? Triple ditto, perhaps? IDK, so snagging this for next month!

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